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Free Talk Live 2014-02-26

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-02-26 23:57
Vaping Under Attack in Los Angeles :: Teetotaler on Ecigs :: Keene Drinking Game :: Obedient Population :: CT Vape Ban Proposed :: Junk Food, Porn, and the Internet :: Todd, Former FTL Host Calls In :: Appreciating Food :: Daily Show Attacks Judge Napolitano :: Slavery and the South :: Acclimating Youth to the Police State :: Supernormal Stimuli :: Weight Loss

Edgington Post; Chad Peace 2014-02-26

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-02-26 20:05
Chad Peace, of EndPartisanship.org, talks about their new lawsuit that may change the party system in the US forever! http://endpartisanship.org/ https://www.facebook.com/IVN http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2013/12/08/nonpartisan-primaries-become-game-changer/ahuAW71emMy7gu23wNzqHL/story.html

Free Talk Live 2014-02-25

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-02-26 00:00
Off-the-Grid Home Ruled Uninhabitable :: Hoarding and Code Enforcement :: Being Sick and Living Alone :: Getting Burned by Online Bitcoin Wallets :: Mt. Gox Fails :: Strength of Bitcoin :: Fluctuating Prices :: KS Anti-Gay Bill :: Mainstream Media Hitpiece on Bitcoins :: Caller Nerves :: Young Man In Trouble for Knife In Car At School

Free Talk Live 2014-02-24

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-02-25 00:09
Liberty Forum Success :: Davi Barker, Muslim Agorist, Harassed in Airport by TSA Over Bitcoin :: Anti-Gay Business Owners :: More Airport Harassment :: Discrimination :: FINCEN :: Requesting Your FBI File :: Taking A Speeding Ticket To Court :: Not Taking the Plea Deal :: Being A Great Conversationalist :: Good Listening

Free Talk Live 2014-02-23

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-02-23 23:55
Liberty Forum recap :: Rise of the Libertarians recap and continue :: social conservatism is dying :: obamacare and drones :: Bernie Sanders :: slavery :: shyness, insecurity, calling in, podcasting :: libertarianism is real community :: crony capitalism :: WWII :: Does war solve anything? :: anxiety of calling on the phone :: libertarianism is inevitable

Free Talk Live 2014-02-22

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-02-23 01:35
Live from Liberty Forum: Night 3 of 3

Free Talk Live 2014-02-21

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-02-22 17:24
Live from Liberty Forum 2014: Night 2 of 3

Free Talk Live 2014-02-20

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-02-21 04:50
Live from the 2014 Liberty Forum, Night 1/3

Free Talk Live 2014-02-19

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-02-20 00:15
Jason King of Bitcoin Across America and Sean's Outpost Joins Us to Discuss Running Across America! :: Satoshi Forest Threatened By Pensacola Government Gang :: Teen Shot by Cops For Possession of Wii Remote :: Threatened for Publishing Utah Voter List :: Biweekly vs Semiweekly :: Police Abuse :: Defending the Police for Beating a Deaf Man :: School Board Meeting Controversy :: Clothing Offensive? :: Liberty-Oriented Bureaucrats? :: Monopolies :: Working Within the System

Free Talk Live 2014-02-18

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-02-18 23:50
Pre-Liberty Forum Meetups :: MtGox Fail :: Single Mom Threatened, Arrested For Recording Pullover :: CopBlock's Ademo Wiretapping Charges :: Holding Police Personally Liable :: Religious Wars? :: Stingy Parents? :: Nearly Half of American Men Arrested by Age 23 :: Deaf Man Beaten By Police

Free Talk Live 2014-02-17

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-02-18 00:54
Closeted Atheists :: Sock-Puppet Facebook Account :: Good Cops Using Discretion :: Being Ostracized for Coming Out :: Death Penalty Repeal? :: Unchurched :: Ten Commandments :: Good Christian :: Fear of Hell :: False Paradigm of Christian and Atheist :: Religion Immoral?

Edgington Post Curtis Sovereign 02-17-14

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-02-17 20:19
Curtis talks about his new project http://BitcoinBigfoot.com

Free Talk Live 2014-02-16

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-02-16 23:53
World's Smallest Political Quiz :: Nolan Chart :: Libertarian Vision :: Tor Network :: Password Security :: Feminism :: Rape Culture :: Prostitution :: Crime and Punishment :: Liberty in NY :: Mark's Murder :: Indian Minarchy

Free Talk Live 2014-02-15

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-02-15 23:45
Felons and Voting Rights :: Should prisoners be able to vote from behind bars? :: Atheists :: Proving Christianity? :: Losing Weight By Eating Smaller Portions :: Atheists and Charity :: Coal Mining Industry :: Felons Should No Longer Be Felons After Prison :: Banishment :: Citizenship :: The Founding Fathers and Deism :: Awful Christians, Great Christ :: NJ Targeting Bitcoin Programmers :: Muslims and Underage Marriage

Free Talk Live 2014-02-14

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-02-14 23:37
Creepy Stalker App? :: What is a creeper? :: Rejection and Persistence :: Firing Military People :: Checking on Employers :: Another Teen Charged With Child Pornography :: Slow Political Change :: Cannabis Decrim Hearings :: Free State Project Critique :: Mining Question

Free Talk Live 2014-02-13

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-02-14 00:44
Cops Don't Show to Testify Against Cannabis Decrim Bill :: Jury Nullification :: Is Blue Ridge Liberty Project Founder Violent? :: Ladies of Cop Block Calendar Debacle :: NH Ladies of Liberty Calendar Success! :: Norse End of the World Coming? :: Cannabis May Stop Spread of HIV :: College Bubble? :: Love and Email :: Comcast to Buy Time Warner :: Silk Road Hacked, Bitcoin Price is Down :: Transaction Mallebility

Free Talk Live 2014-02-12

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-02-12 23:44
Blue Ridge Liberty Project vs Free State Project? :: Shutting Out Libertarians :: Free State Project Welcomes Libertarians, Voluntarists, Minarchists :: Liberty Activists in NH Defeat Gun Control Bill in NH :: Athiests and Faith :: Negativity vs Positivity :: Skeptics :: The Big Bang and God :: Trooper Arrests Cop, Is Targeted by Cops :: Sending Pizzas to People Who Didn't Order Them :: Bitcoin Paychecks? :: Satellite TV Wild Feeds :: Free Will

FTL's Ian Interviewed on 50kW WAVH-FM About Bitcoin & the FSP

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-02-12 19:39
Free Talk Live's Ian Interviewed About the Free State Project and Bitcoin on 50kW WAVH-FM in Mobile, AL by host Sean Sullivan

Free Talk Live 2014-02-11

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-02-12 00:05
Robin Hooder Garret Ean Joins Us to Discuss The Attack By Thug Travis Hobbs :: Filing Charges Against Travis Hobbs :: What was Garret's motivation to cooperate with police? :: How to Punish Travis Hobbs? :: The Day We Fight Back? :: Duck Gate :: Man Raided By DC Police Over Gun, Faces Charges Over Inoperable Shotgun Shell :: Ademo of Copblock's Wiretapping Felonies Overturned by Supreme Court! :: Purposeful vs Willful :: Court Rules :: Unusual Appeal Details

Free Talk Live 2014-02-10

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-02-10 23:31
Glenn Greenwald Returns to the Internet :: NSA Using Data To Launch Drone Strikes :: American Ignorance of International News :: SIM Card Shuffle :: Flappy Bird Killed :: Cop Pulled Over By Individual :: Refusing to Pay Fines :: Ulbricht Pleads Not Guilty :: Starting a Podcast :: Bosnians Demand Expert Politicians

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