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People are looking for talk radio right now, and not finding Free Talk Live.

But some of them could be, with your help.

At some point, someone invested in exposing you to the ideas of liberty. Whether it was a loved one, or a co-worker, or Free Talk Live, someone went out of their way to invest their time or money (or both) in helping you understand the importance of finding compassionate solutions to the world’s problems.

And now, you have the opportunity to give that gift to someone else.

Mark talks about our newest opportunity to reach brand new ears with the ideas of liberty in the video below, or you can keep scrolling to read more.

Free Talk Live is restarting its Google Adwords campaign, meaning that people searching terms like “online talk radio” are finding Free Talk Live and the messages of liberty for just .50 cents per click. What’s more, we have a generous group of donors who are willing to match up to the next $150 of monthly donations that are made to this campaign.

That’s right – your $5 per month turns into $10 per month, and can reach 20 new people who almost certainly haven’t considered the ideas of freedom. That’s 20 people who might have otherwise found your standard fare Liberal or Conservative radio station, but instead come to Free Talk Live.

This is what happened for one listener, who went out of his way to write in and say,

“If I hadn't caught FTL by chance on the radio one night, I would never have even found out about the liberty movement, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of FTL on my journey to the ideas of liberty.”

And then there was Matt, who called in (go to 1:49 of this clip) when his local radio station dropped FTL after going through a format change, and said,

“I was stuck in the left-right paradigm and I heard your show by chance on a Saturday night, and from there I went on the join the Free State Project and become an AMPlifier. I know that if it wasn’t for you guys being on as many shows as you are, I wouldn’t have ever heard the ideas of liberty.”

Or how about Ryan, who wrote in to say,

When I first came across Free Talk Live, I was doing Students for Ron Paul, and although Dr. Paul's message had woken me up to a significant extent, my first memory of listening to FTL is turning it off in disgust. I was still very much of the statist mindset. A few months later I gave it another try, and listening to FTL sparked my transition from being a statist to a voluntaryist. It exposed me to new ideas that I otherwise may never have came across sitting in my dorm room in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Now I've been to my first Liberty Forum and I'm planning my move for the Free State Project, I don't think it's a stretch to say that it was all made possible by Free Talk Live.

You get the idea.

In December of 2013, we had the opportunity to bring Darryl on board to help with affiliate relations, and our listeners responded – AMPlifiers fully funded his position, and he's officially on board. Since then, we’ve added 13 new stations, going from 127 stations to 140 - an increase of more than 10% in 3 months! This is an incredible difference, and it’s all because people like you decided that investing in the future of liberty was worth it.

This opportunity is even more personal. There’s no “you’re one drop in a bucket” problem here. Your money will go specifically to spreading the ideas of liberty, one person at a time.

What do you say? Is it worth your $5 per month to expose 20 brand new people to the ideas of liberty? Every single new AMPlifier will be able to claim to do just that. Want to change even more hearts and minds? Consider contributing $10 or $25 per month, and help us bring the message of liberty to others around the world. Use our secure server to become an FTL & LRN AMPlifier now with Paypal or a credit/debit card.

Select your level of amping above, and start spreading the messages of liberty today.

What the AMP Program has done already

Since its launch in 2005, listeners like you becoming AMPlifiers has been the driving force behind Free Talk Live's success in the world of commercial radio. There's no doubt Free Talk Live is the most successful, principled, pro-liberty show on the radio today. However, we know FTL is not for everyone. That's why LRN.FM - the Liberty Radio Network was launched in 2009. The purpose was to create a vehicle to expose our listeners - to our competition. Other voices in the liberty movement will attract people who would not be attracted to Free Talk Live. Different shows, different approaches to communication, different expertise - choices are good. In fact, LRN.FM streams multiple live and recorded shows with a liberty-oriented viewpoint, from around the world.

The AMP program's original intent was to help Free Talk Live succeed in spreading the message of liberty across the globe. Despite not yet reaching our final $10k per month goal, we have already achieved success and continue to grow to more stations. In fact, as our reputation in the radio industry grows, the AMP money becomes more effective, as we can bring more stations on board in a shorter period of time, with the same budget. As a result of AMP, we have added our webcam, 24/7 streams, and upgraded the quality of the podcasts. We added Darryl to the affiliate relations team, leading to a 10% increase in stations in just 3 months. In addition, we launched our satellite channel featuring LRN.FM around-the-clock, thereby exposing new listeners to a greater range of liberty-oriented audio than just FTL and also giving micro broadcasters a new way to receive and rebroadcast LRN content.

We at FTL are grateful for everyone who has AMPed the show - it's a critical key to our success in spreading the ideas of liberty.

Five dollars a month is all we're asking. The price of a fancy cup of coffee for you makes a big difference for us. Here are some other things we are already doing with five dollars a month from listeners like you:

  • Talk Shows USA

    Talk Shows USA is run by a talk radio industry veteran. He sends us leads on potential new affiliates and we get increased visibility and credibility. $500 a month.
  • Radio Industry Ads

    TALKERS Magazine online ads in the daily email newsletter that goes out to over 20,000 talk industry professionals. $500 per month.
  • Affiliate Hardware

    Our affiliates sometimes need a satellite receiver to air our show. We loan it to them and if they keep us on for a certain time, we give it to them. These receivers cost about $1600.
  • Industry Conventions

    Mark and I meet with decision makers in the radio industry. About $2000 per convention.
  • Public Relations Professional

    FTL is excited to bring Kari DePhillips and her crew at The Content Factory on board to help generate more news coverage featuring Free Talk Live. She is already performing more effectively than Google Adwords.
  • Free Satellite Channel

    We've been able to launch a free-to-air satellite channel for LRN.FM ahead of our original plan! The channel covers nearly all of North and Central America, and carries LRN.FM 24/7. Why are we doing this? Ku Band satellite goes everywhere the internet doesn't, and besides that, not everyone is online. Anyone with a view of the southern sky and some cheap equipment can listen to and even rebroadcast LRN.FM!
  • Sponsorships

    Some of our AMP dollars are invested in advertising FTL via the liberty movement. As a result, your dollars have supported Lew Rockwell, the Porcupine Freedom Festival, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty On Tour, Nolanchart, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance's calendar, Freedom's Phoenix, the Liberty Forum, and more.

AMPlifier-Exclusive Perks- What you'll get for your AMP:

  • High Quality AMP-Only Podcast

    64kbps AMP-only podcast without the pre-recorded commercials you hear in the "regular" podcast!
  • AMP-only Call in Lines

    Access to the toll-free AMP-only call in lines.
  • Special Facebook Group and Forum on BBS

    You'll get access to the special AMPlifier-only Facebook group and forum on the BBS! This is the place to get details on all the perks listed here, and interact with your fellow AMPlifiers and the FTL Crew. Plus, as an AMPlifier you may delete any unwanted replies to threads you create in the forum!
  • AMP page recognition

    If you opt in, we'll post your name and location on this page, as a thanks and recognition of your continued support! (This will not be done for you by default, to protect those who desire anonymity.)
  • AMPlifier-only Email Annoucements

    You will receive AMPlifier-only Email Announcements, keeping you in-the-loop on the successes we are having thanks to you!

$10,000 Per Month Goal

Here are some of the things we can do when we reach our goal of $10,000 per month:
  • Expand Worldwide Satellite Coverage

    Our LRN.FM 24/7 Ku-Band channel is available currently across Central and North America, but not yet any other continent. With more funding, we could add signals to Europe, Australia, Africa, and South America.
  • Increase our Ability to Get LRN Shows on Larger Radio Stations

    For several thousand per month, we could make LRN's shows available to major radio stations via their preferred delivery method. (Our existing 24/7 Ku-Band channel isn't really good for larger stations, while it is perfect for micros and smaller market stations.)
  • More Radio Industry Advertising

    We can spend more on radio industry advertising and more AM/FM stations will come on board and air Free Talk Live, exposing more new people to the message of liberty!
  • More Internet Advertising

    On Google AdWords and other high-traffic sites.
  • More Sponsorship of the Liberty Movement

    We have supported Motorhome Diaries, Liberty On Tour, Lew Rockwell, Nolanchart, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance's calendar, Freedom's Phoenix, the Porcupine Freedom Festival, the Liberty Forum, and we'd like to do more to raise the profile of LRN and FTL in the liberty movement.

Would you like to help us reach 10k per month even faster? Consider digging deep and contributing $10 or $25 per month. You can help us bring the message of liberty to others around the world. Use our secure server to become an FTL & LRN AMPlifier now with Paypal or a credit/debit card.

Thanks for your support!
Ian Freeman
Program Director, LRN.FM

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