Program Directors & GMs

We’re LIVE all seven nights a week from 7p-10p Eastern! Take a look at our current Affiliates.

If you haven’t yet, you should listen to an archive. You can find links to our MP3s under our “Listen” menu at the top. Sure, we could send you a spiffy package, and include a CD with some cherry-picked moments on it. However, we think you deserve to hear the show as it usually is. Listening note – the Saturday show is by far the most popular of our shows and has a different feel as a result. If you are considering FTL for Saturdays, be sure to sample a Saturday show.

Since you might want to hear cherry-picked moments, you can listen to our 5 minute Shortform Demo and download our :30 and :60 promo packs. If there is something else that’s not here that you are looking for, please email ian at

Why You Should Add Free Talk Live to Your Lineup

  1. Time tested and stable
    Free Talk Live has been independently syndicated since 2004. Our show has no debt and is profitable.

  2. You will be relieved by our easy-going agreement.
    We’re preemptible with no makegoods, and don’t require any ROS spots or mandatory outside-the-show-anything!

  3. We’re flexible.
    Take as many hours as you want. Run us live or delay broadcast. Whatever works best for your station is what we want.

  4. 100% streamable
    Yes, you can stream FTL. Some affiliates even fill their stream us when other shows and sports prevent streaming.

  5. 60% of talk radio listeners are neither Democrat nor Republican.
    We don’t like politicians either! (Source: TALKERS Magazine’s TRRP, 2013)

  6. You want controversial programming.
    We’ll stir it up without pandering to the lowest-common-denominator. Our viewpoints will get your listeners thinking outside their box.

  7. You’re tired of vacationing hosts and refeeds.
    Free Talk Live is live seven days a week, and virtually never takes time off. We think your listeners deserve live content no matter what day it is.

Okay, you’ve sold me. How do I add Free Talk Live?

Easy. You can pull our audio from either Westwood One XDS or our internet streams.  First, check out our program clock and satellite info. Peruse our easy one-page Affiliate Agreement. When you’re ready, fill out and sign the agreement email it to ian at or FAX it to 815-550-1851. If you have any questions, call 603-513-2449.

:60 and :30 Promos

We have a ton of evergreen promos available for you to use on your station, in both :60 and :30 versions. Each has around 7-8 seconds on the end for you to tag on your local airtimes. They range from funny to serious, so use whatever you feel fits your station best. At this time, we are offering them in downloadable .ZIP files full of .MP3 files:

  • :60 Taggable Promos – Over 170 different evergreen sixty second Free Talk Live promos in a .ZIP file.
  • :30 Taggable Promos – Over 190 different evergreen sixty second Free Talk Live promos in a .ZIP file.