New Ban on "Light" Cigarettes to Begin this Week


WASHINGTON — A US law banning the selling of so-called "light" or "mild" cigarettes took effect Tuesday, but some anti-tobacco groups say the makers are sidestepping the rules by using color-coding packaging.

The packaging says, "Your Marlboro Lights pack is changing. But your cigarette stays the same. In the future, ask for 'Marlboro in the gold pack."

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Created by Renniks 3 years 42 weeks ago – Made popular 3 years 42 weeks ago
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Should Obama Control the Internet? from Mother Jones magazine


That this is even being debated rather than outright rejected shows how far we're devolving into tyranny. But their use of fear and promise of "security" will fool many.

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Obama and Columbia University are GUILTY of ALL Charges !!


Dr. James David Manning, The Atlah World Missionary Church, calls this the “Trial of the Century” and the “Greatest Trial in American History.” He says the proceedings are not a mock trial and are permitted under the U.S. Constitution.

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Obama, 'iPad, XBox, Internet putting pressure on our democracy'


(HINT: Click the 'Read' link to fast forward to pertinent section of video.)

Obama says the 24/7 information found on the Internet is becoming a distraction, diversion and is putting pressure on our country and our democracy. 'We can't stop these changes but we can channel them, shape them...'

Did I hear him say, the means of "a-pants-ipation?"

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Created by akaPoorRichard 3 years 49 weeks ago – Made popular 3 years 48 weeks ago
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Obama jokes about predator drones.


The head gangster tellng a sociopathic joke about killing the Jonas brothers with predator drones.

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Created by davehollis 3 years 49 weeks ago – Made popular 3 years 49 weeks ago
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Obama: "Tax Protesters Should Thank Me for Tax Breaks!"


At at a DNC fundraiser in Miami Thursday night, President Obama admitted to his supporters that the anti-tax rallies "amused" him. "So I've been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying thank you."

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Created by johnson 4 years 11 hours ago – Made popular 3 years 51 weeks ago
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Ron Paul and Barrack Obama even in a poll for 2012 president.


"A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of likely voters finds Obama with 42% support and Paul with 41% of the vote."

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Obama Orders Assassination of U.S. Citizen by CIA Hit Team


For the first time in history, an American president has officially ordered the assassination of a US citizen. President Barack Obama has approved the “targeted killing” of Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born Muslim cleric who is reported to be in hiding in Yemen.

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Check out 02:02 to 02:40 · Barack Obama tells the....truth!


Its rare for one of these douchebags to admit that they have a monopoly on violence.

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Created by davehollis 4 years 6 days ago – Made popular 4 years 4 days ago
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What has happened to the anti war protest movement


Congrats to those who protested last weekend in the District of Columbia but there needs to be more protests because Bush might of gone but there are still wars raging causing disgusting consequences for all on this planet.

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