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For the moment, you can use the app below to listen AND download episodes for several months – no login necessary. To download, just hit the share icon, then you’ll see the download icon. The easiest way to receive our MP3 archives is to subscribe to our podcast! If the Daily Digest isn’t enough for you and you want the full radio show archive with no recorded ads, please join our AMPS program for just $5 per month. If you’d prefer to download full, unedited archives of our show, please visit the archives page courtesy of our radio syndicate, GCN.

Should you wish to dig further back, you can visit our Soundcloud page to go back to 2011. As of Summer of 2022, we’re also in the process of uploading our archives starting from 2006 to this Odysee channel.  Finally, to hear the earliest shows, you can download these torrents for Season One and Season Two from when we were a local show.