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Free Talk Live is now raising funds on Patreon – click here to go there and join AMPS now, or read on for the pitch you’ll see on Patreon as well:

Free Talk Live is the number one nationally syndicated pro-liberty talk show in North America. We broadcast the ideas of liberty seven nights per week on a ​huge list of radio stations.  There are a bunch of great pro-liberty podcasts out there, but only Free Talk Live is doing outreach on the radio.  That results in people encountering the ideas of liberty who weren’t expecting or looking for it:

This is what happened for one listener, who went out of his way to write in and say,
“If I hadn’t caught FTL by chance on the radio one night, I would never have even found out about the liberty movement, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of FTL on my journey to the ideas of liberty.”

And then there was Matt, who called in and said,
“I was stuck in the left-right paradigm and I heard your show by chance on a Saturday night, and from there I went on the join the Free State Project and become an AMPlifier. I know that if it wasn’t for you guys being on as many shows as you are, I wouldn’t have ever heard the ideas of liberty.”

Or how about Ryan, who wrote in to say,
“When I first came across Free Talk Live, I was doing Students for Ron Paul, and although Dr. Paul’s message had woken me up to a significant extent, my first memory of listening to FTL is turning it off in disgust. I was still very much of the statist mindset. A few months later I gave it another try, and listening to FTL sparked my transition from being a statist to a voluntaryist. It exposed me to new ideas that I otherwise may never have came across sitting in my dorm room in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Now I’ve been to my first Liberty Forum and I’m planning my move for the Free State Project, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that it was all made possible by Free Talk Live.”

You get the idea.

We can reach more people on the radio and online with your support. We launched AMP in 2005 and are now converting it to the AMPS program, to allow you to help us Advertise, Market, Promote, and Support our radio outreach.

What do you say? Is it worth $5 per month to expose brand new people to the ideas of liberty? Want to change even more hearts and minds? Consider contributing $10, $25, $50 or more per month, and help us bring the message of liberty to others around the world.

How AMPS are helping us already:

Here are some of the ways we’re spending your generous contributions:

  • Radio Industry Ads – TALKERS Magazine online ads in their email newsletter that goes out to over 20,000 talk industry professionals.
  • Sponsorships – Some of our AMPS dollars are invested in advertising FTL via the liberty movement. As a result, your dollars have supported Lew Rockwell, Cop Block, the Lava Flow Podcast, the Porcupine Freedom Festival, Ridley Report, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty On Tour, Nolanchart, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance’s calendar, Freedom’s Phoenix, the Liberty Forum, Sovryn Tech, Jonny Rocket, and more.

Some things we could do with more AMPS:

Advertisers currently are supporting the show, but they can drop off anytime.  With enough AMPS, we can afford to let them go and not replace them with new ones.  Patreon rules prohibit us from promising not to do a thing in return for a support, so here are some things we “could” do with enough AMPS behind us – that are currently ad-supported:

  • ​Help pay for our industry satellite channel. – It costs us monthly to have our show available in the #1 radio industry satellite platform, Westwood One’s XDS.
  • Cut down on advertisements. – We know no one likes ads.  With enough people’s AMPS, we could knock out some of our recorded ads that play on the radio and have more time to talk each hour.
  • Co-host Stipends – Our co-hosts are basically volunteers, but if we can afford it each month, we like to send them a gas stipend to help pay for the expense of getting to the studio.

We’re new to Patreon, so any feedback you have or ideas for things we can improve are always welcome.  For now, all the tiers we offer have the same general benefits.  All we ask is $5 per month, but we sure do appreciate those of you who can afford to send more.  Thank you for reading this far and for supporting FTL’s AMPS program.

Click here to join AMPS via Patreon.