Gardner Goldsmith Interview + Ian Sentencing Delayed Until July, Aria’s is Tuesday 4/25

This week I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by my longtime friend and former FTL co-host, Gardner Goldsmith, who has resumed production of his “Liberty Conspiracy” show! We covered the Crypto Six situation and you can watch it here on Odysee:

Also, I received news from the federal court that my sentencing date has been postponed again until July 17th at 10am at Federal court in Concord, NH. This may not be the last delay, so if you want to attend, just pencil it in on your calendar. I will update if it changes again. The good news about the delay is it gives you more time to write a letter to the judge if you haven’t yet done so. Please see the details on how you can do so, here.

Hopefully Aria’s sentencing happens this Tuesday April 25th at 10am at 55 Pleasant St. in Concord, as hers has already been put off several months and she’s pretty frustrated by all the delays. If you can make it out to watch, my attorney says that can help. However, please stay tuned to the calendar entry here or on-air over the next few days to ensure it doesn’t get postponed again last-minute.

Thank you for your support.

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Daily Digest + FTL Donation Request

As you know, we recently decided to put the full radio show archive back in our normal podcast. We also slashed eight minutes per hour of advertising from our live show.

About two weeks in to the new show format, it’s been a major success. We are able to have deeper conversations with fewer interruptions and the show flows better and goes by faster. Radio and live streaming listeners hear 24 minutes fewer ads and all listeners including podcast listeners benefit from another 24 minutes per show of actual content.

Whether it is due to old media advertising losing its effectiveness or due to advertisers’ fear of advertising on a show being targeted by the federal government, we also happen to have zero paying advertisers. Though our decision to cut the eight mins per hour of ads was made months ago, so the two things just happened to coincide. Unfortunately, with no advertising revenue, we can’t afford to continue paying Riley for his service of producing the Daily Digest, which is something we just started doing in September when we switched the podcast to digest-only. Now that the Digest is no longer our only public offering and we also happen to have no ad revenue to support it, Riley is back to needing donations to sustain his efforts.

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Regarding Free Talk Live, I really don’t care if we never have another advertiser ever again, but it would be nice to have enough direct listener support to continue doing the things we’ve been doing via AMPS, like buying ads with TALKERS Magazine, paying industry veteran Skip Joeckel from Talk Shows USA for his representation, and most importantly being able to continue paying our co-hosts a small stipend for their appearances.

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Would you write a letter for my sentencing?

We’re not happy about it, but the jury has spoken. I was found guilty of all eight non-violent, victimless charges I faced at trial last month. Though we are going to appeal all eight counts, I have to be sentenced before the appeal can be filed. The prosecution is asking for upwards of 20 years, however no charge has a minimum sentence, so in theory I could receive time served for the 69 days I’ve already done and then some amount of probation or home confinement in lieu of prison. It’s all up to the judge.

If I have had a positive effect on your life, perhaps you’d consider writing a letter to judge Laplante to explain why you think I should remain out of prison. What kind of benefit have I brought you and the community as a whole? Why does putting me behind bars cause more harm than leaving me out in productive society? These are some of the things you may want to focus on in your letter.

While you likely have strong feelings about the FBI, the prosecution, or the jury in this case, none of that will be relevant to the sentencing hearing, so leave out your opinions on the process, please. While I have my critiques of the prosecutors, I’ve said along the way that I was surprised at how fair Joseph Laplante was, so I’m optimistic. He’s been thoughtful, is capable of changing his mind, and played things fairly evenly during the process.

Please address your letter to “The Honorable Joseph Laplante” or “Judge Laplante”. You may want to talk a little about yourself and what you do for a living and what you have done, especially with regard to any military or government work.

You are welcome to send a draft to me via email at ian at or if you are confident in what you’ve written, send a signed original via snail mail to:
Ian Freeman
63 Emerald St. #610
Keene, NH 03431

Please don’t delay as we need these well in advance of the July 17th sentencing date. Thank you.

– – – – – – – –

The full radio show is back in the FTL podcast!

A few months ago, we made a big change to our main podcast feed, in the hopes it would help grow our online listenership. The idea was that our two-hour nightly radio show archive was just too long and contained too much radio content to ever be a successful podcast. It was an experiment, and it didn’t work, as our downloads didn’t increase much. So, effective this weekend, you’ll see the full radio show archives have returned to the main FTL podcast RSS feed!

The main FTL RSS feed is back to how it was earlier this year, where it contains all our audio content, including both the full radio archives AND the FTL Digests. For those of you who still only want to receive the FTL Digests, you can subscribe to this filtered RSS feed that only contains Digests. We also have a filtered version of the RSS feed that does not contain the digests, if you’d prefer that.

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Thank you for listening to, sharing, and supporting as we enter 2023. Happy new year!

We’re cutting TWO breaks per hour from our live show starting Jan 1st!

January 1st is going to be a big day for Free Talk Live.  Not only are we officially switching radio syndicates back to our original home of Genesis Communications Network, we’re making the first major change to our live show “clock” in nearly two decades.  A clock is an industry term for what happens during a given broadcast hour.  I’m happy to announce that starting Jan 1st we are eliminating two breaks per hour from our show!

Put another way, deleting two entire breaks each hour means eight more minutes per hour of talk time.  Over a three-hour show, that’s twenty-four more minutes of show content every night.  Our talk time per hour will increase from 39:20 to 47:30!  That’s 20% more Free Talk Live per hour.  We probably should have done this ten years ago, but better late than never.

We hope it makes our radio show more competitive with low-interruption new media competitors as we’ll only have two breaks per hour, one at the bottom-of-hour and one at the top-of-hour.  Fewer interruptions means we can have more in-depth conversations and hopefully happier listeners.

I wish we could have started this months ago when I thought of it, but unfortunately we have to break up with our current syndicate and give our radio stations plenty of notice so they can change their station automation programming to reflect it.  Luckily nearly all our affiliates saw the change as a good idea, so they are onboard!

Stay tuned for the big change coming Jan 1st.  Live listeners on the radio or online streaming will notice the change immediately and listeners to our commercial-free AMPS podcast will notice an extra 24 minutes of content each night!  You can help support our mission to spread a message of peace and liberty by joining AMPS for just $5 a month here on our Patreon.  Thank you for listening to and supporting Free Talk Live.