Full FTL Radio Show Archives Available via GCN RSS, Downloads

A couple of months ago, we made a major change to our main podcast feed and switched it to feature our Daily Digest instead of the full radio show archives.  This is an ongoing test to see if it helps increase our podcast listenership, but the intention was never to make the full radio show unavailable to people who want to hear it.

As I pointed out at the time we announced the change, the full radio show is still available in video form via our Odysee channel and in audio form with no commercials via our AMPS Patreon’s special RSS feed.  However, I’m aware these two options aren’t right for everyone.  Even though Odysee has an RSS feed, not everyone wants to download a large video file every day, nor can everyone afford to subscribe to Patreon or want to support Patreon.

Luckily, we have another option to announce.  For those who want to continue to receive the full radio show via RSS feed, our radio syndicate Genesis Communications Network has an RSS feed which features individual hours of each show.  If you prefer to direct download instead of use RSS, you can do that from their FTL archives page.

Yes, we are officially back with GCN after a couple of years with a different syndicate.  We’re glad to be back home and that we kept our doors open.  The GCN RSS feed is now included on our Feeds page on the FTL site, and the link to their archives are also up on our Archives page.

Michael Harrison of TALKERS Magazine Interviews FTL’s Ian

I was honored to appear on “The Michael Harrison Interview”, hosted by the publisher of TALKERS Magazine himself, Michael Harrison. We covered the history of Free Talk Live, our move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, the libertarian movement, Cop Block, Robin Hood of Keene, and the FBI’s nearly two-decades of targeting of liberty activists in Keene. We also discussed the Crypto Six, jail, online scams, and cryptocurrency as a means to fostering peace.

You can subscribe to Michael’s podcast here on Podcast One.

Live Audio Player Now Working!

Earlier this Fall we blew up the old website, and replaced it with this one, which is much simpler. Some features are missing, and at some point we hope to add some back in, like full access to our extensive archives. However, for now we’re keeping-it-simple. You can easily access recent shows with the archive widget on the sidebar or on the archives page and of course you can still subscribe to our podcast feeds to automatically receive each new episode as it comes out.

However, when we launched this new site, the live audio stream playback widget was not working properly. I’m happy to say that now the player is working! You’ll now find it on the live page and in the sidebar. It looks like this:

Of course, you can always watch our live video from the studio cams, or watch video anytime via our Odysee channel.

Thanks also to our 60 AMPS that have joined our new Patreon to help us Advertise, Market, Promote, and Support Free Talk Live. You’ll get some cool perks if you join and we sure do appreciate your help. Please join AMPS if you want to help us spread the ideas of liberty to more radio stations across America.