As you know, we recently decided to put the full radio show archive back in our normal podcast. We also slashed eight minutes per hour of advertising from our live show.

About two weeks in to the new show format, it’s been a major success. We are able to have deeper conversations with fewer interruptions and the show flows better and goes by faster. Radio and live streaming listeners hear 24 minutes fewer ads and all listeners including podcast listeners benefit from another 24 minutes per show of actual content.

Whether it is due to old media advertising losing its effectiveness or due to advertisers’ fear of advertising on a show being targeted by the federal government, we also happen to have zero paying advertisers. Though our decision to cut the eight mins per hour of ads was made months ago, so the two things just happened to coincide. Unfortunately, with no advertising revenue, we can’t afford to continue paying Riley for his service of producing the Daily Digest, which is something we just started doing in September when we switched the podcast to digest-only. Now that the Digest is no longer our only public offering and we also happen to have no ad revenue to support it, Riley is back to needing donations to sustain his efforts.

If you enjoy the Daily Digest, please contribute directly to Riley to keep him going. Here are his donation options:

Riley’s Patreon

Bitcoin: 1MnoYoPirXQHfhknDxbDHhLsF9u7kUggKy

Bitcoin Cash: qpp62s8uupdqkrfew7vgp805pnsh5jk2ncnfkndwrd

Dash: XpApo1jcPzTJyLLB6G8GJ7DoW9CGjcV5xT

Ether: 0xFb1a23163bea743BB79B93849D864ad070597855

Lightcoin: ltc1q6ygsamrkwl0at93datyqfh47z4crg4jkg4fx30

Regarding Free Talk Live, I really don’t care if we never have another advertiser ever again, but it would be nice to have enough direct listener support to continue doing the things we’ve been doing via AMPS, like buying ads with TALKERS Magazine, paying industry veteran Skip Joeckel from Talk Shows USA for his representation, and most importantly being able to continue paying our co-hosts a small stipend for their appearances.

To that end, big thanks to the 112 people contributing just over $1,000 per month to the AMPS Patreon. It would be nice if we could triple that number, as $1,000 does not cover our very modest operating costs. If you’re able to help, we still only ask $5 per month, which sure doesn’t buy what it did just a few years ago. Our revenue is at a point lower than it’s been in the last fifteen years despite having more radio stations than ever. Your help is appreciated. Please join our Patreon here for as little as $5 per month.

Also, if you do want to advertise with us, you can now buy our new hourly sponsorships via our Patreon.